Ratatouille Bruschetta; Ratatouille Frittata; Pasta with Ratatouille and Poached Egg

Like, undoubtedly, countless food lovers, movie buffs, and even other bloggers, I was recently inspired by a certain culinarily inclined rodent to rush to the kitchen—eggplant and zucchini and peppers in hand—to cook up a certain French vegetable stew. 

A few minutes of Googling took me to a host of ratatouilles—simmered, roasted, and even combinations of the two. But one in particular snagged my attention—in fact, as soon as I saw it, I knew it was the one.
The recipe is from Clotilde, the woman behind the sumptuous blog Chocolate & Zucchini, and it turned out to taste every bit as wonderful as it looks on Clotilde's site. (Did I mention she's French? Bonus points!) The dry heat of the oven works magic on vegetables, coaxing out an intensity and purity of flavor that's just not achievable on the stovetop; this ratatouille is robust, herby, and utterly delicious.

I made a huge batch of it in my biggest roasting pan—enough to feed Brian and me for the better part of the week. One of the best things about ratatouille is the myriad ways in which you can eat it, so I didn't worry about boredom setting in. We made three simple preparations (I like to think they might have come from Remy's Italian cousin): bruschetta with goat cheese, a frittata, and pasta topped with a soft poached egg.


Rustic Italian bread, cut into 1/2 thick slices and toasted
Garlic clove, cut in half
Fresh goat cheese
Good olive oil

Rub each bread slice with the cut surface of the halved garlic clove. Spread with a thin layer of goat cheese. Top with ratatouille, and drizzle with a little olive oil.


6 eggs
1 cup ratatouille
1/4 cup grated pecorino cheese
3 tablespoons chopped or torn basil leaves
Salt and pepper to taste

Combine first four ingredients, season to taste (go easy on the salt—the ratatouille and cheese will provide some). Heat a well-oiled 8-inch skillet over medium heat, pour in egg mixture, cook for a few seconds, and turn heat to low. Continue to cook until frittata is mostly set except for the top. Put under broiler until top is set and lightly browned, about three minutes. (Or you can try flipping it, but that's much riskier.) Delicious hot or at room temperature.

Frittata + salad = perfect light dinner.


1 pound spaghetti or linguine (I used fresh, if I were to do this again I would probably use dry spaghetti)
3 cups ratatouille
1/2 cup grated pecorino cheese, plus more for sprinkling
Good olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1 soft poached egg per person

Toss pasta with ratatouille and cheese. If it seems dry, add a little olive oil. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Top each serving with a poached egg and a little extra cheese.

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  • 7/18/2007 7:55 AM Kalyn wrote:
    I love all your ratatouille ideas. I'm going to try the roasted version myself when I get a few more veggies in the garden.
  • 7/18/2007 9:20 AM Patricia Scarpin wrote:
    Sarah, I love your takes on ratatouille - everything looks so delicious!

    The fritatta is my favorite, though.
  • 7/18/2007 9:41 AM almost vegetarian wrote:
    Considering how much I like vegetables, it's odd, but I've never been all that fond of ratatouille. But your version with the goat cheese bruschetta is tempting me to try again. Maybe I just haven;t met the right recipe. And maybe this is it!

    1. 7/19/2007 10:25 PM Sarah Kiino wrote:
      Hi Kalyn--Thanks so much! Once you get all those wonderful veggies from your garden, you'll be able to go ratatouille-crazy! I'm so jealous.

      Hi Patricia--Thank you! I love frittatas too because they're great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

      Hi Almost Vegetarian--I thought the goat cheese worked particularly well with the ratatouille. Hope you do give it a try!
  • 7/22/2007 2:58 PM Bon Vivant wrote:
    How clever of you to add an egg to the pasta; I love soft eggs with a tomato based schmutz (all inclusive mixtures that I've had throughout the years) but the addition of pasta is just fabulous!
    1. 7/23/2007 7:44 PM Sarah Kiino wrote:
      Thanks, Bon Vivant. I'm a huge fan of eggs and throw them in stuff every chance I get!
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