Rosetta Wines at Atlas Park

Last weekend, on one of our usual hikes to the Atlas Park Mall, Sarah and I dropped by Rosetta Wines. We’ve checked this spot out before, but it’s definitely been awhile. Maybe it was the fantastic display of rosés that greeted us as we strolled inside, or perhaps the charming store rep conducting the special prosecco tasting swayed us—man, it’s hard to say no to that bubbly stuff!–but We were completely blown away by this friendly, sophisticated and exceptionally appealing store. I think what really closed the deal, at least for me, was the selection of harder-to-find booze, including Sazerac rye whiskey, sitting on the sturdy wood shelves. Honestly, this store seems to be a miniature Astor Wines in our own backyard. They’re hosting an elderflower liqueur tasting today for heaven’s sake, how sweet is that! If you’ve never been, we urge you to walk on over.

Rosetta Wines
The Shops at Altas Park
8000 Cooper Ave at 80th Street
Glendale, New York 11385